Baohuis (2019)

Baohuis is a brand new restaurant in Amsterdam; a unique hotspot with an Asian fusion menu created by award winning chef Justin Brown. This streetfood bar is the first one in Amsterdam that focusses on bao buns. 

I designed the identity: it has a slightly crazy-messy-urban style that matches the environment of the Van Limburg
Stirumstraat where Baohuis is located. The tiger and pig, a.k.a. Tonnie and Peet, are the mascots of Baohuis. I came up with these two because the Taiwanese word for Bao bun (ho-ka-ti) literally means “Tiger bites pig” .
At Baohuis though, pub tigers and greedy pigs just hang out together!
Bee Healthy (2020)
Bee Healthy is named after the "ape piaggio" in which they drive their food to the Amsterdam markets. Although this ape is a car,  instead of the animal, the lovely Luca and Francesco asked me to design a logo with a bee. I designed molti loghi in stili diversi ;) but they immediately knew which one they wanted:
Logo Diversity Consultancy

Relatie- en gezinspoli 
This logo for the Relatie- en gezinspoli represents a heart as well as 3 speach balloons.

Registratienetwerk Forensische Geneeskunde 
This logo for the Registration Network Forensic Medical Science represents a network as well as a DNA string.
Sarphati Cohort 
Sarphati cohort is the core of Sarphati Amsterdam, a new research institute in Amsterdam, focused on interdisciplinary research into new epidemics. Sarphati cohort includes all children in Amsterdam from birth until the age of 19 (around 180.000 children). The logo is based on the logo of Sarphati Amsterdam, but is more playful because of the link to children. The dots refer to graphs (research) as well as a diverse group of children. De circle emphasizes the "cohort" being a core.
The Amsterdam Infant Microbiome Study (AIMS) is a study of Sarphati Amsterdam on the influence of microbiomes on overweight and obesity during the first years of one's life.​​​​​​​

Allround Health & Fitness Team 
The Allround Health & Fitness team offers the whole package: personal training, nutrition, sports massage/massage therapy, mental coaching, child care. They deliver to people who want to invest in themselves as part of their job, status or for their health but have very limited amount of time to workout. The logo represents power, but also conveys a sense of liberation. The position of the figure is inspired by Leonardo DaVinci's vitruviusman as Allround Health & Fitness team is connected to Allround Sports Massage, that uses this man as pictural trade mark.
Lucienne de Swart 
Lucienne de Swart is a personal assistent on distance: an online (electronic) personal assistent (e-PA). She helps entrepreneurs with day-to-day operations and helps them navigate their day. The logo is a monogram of the letters L, d and S, but also refers to the form of an anchor as Lucienne sees herself as an anchor for her clients: she provides rest in their stormy lives.
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